June 2022

Aurore Latragna and Alba Sabaté received the Best Chronic Pain Award (http://esraeurope.org/grant-awards/) at the Annual ESRA Congress for their paper “Prdm12 modulates pain-related behavior by remodeling gene expression in mature nociceptors” published in Pain.

January 2021

Our last work on Prdm12, demonstrating its requirement in the physiology of adult nociceptors, is reaching the press:

March 2019

Our work on Prdm12  demonstrating that it is specific of the nociceptive lineage and that it is required for the development of nociceptors is accepted in Cell Reports (Desiderio et al, Cell Reports 26, 3522-3536, 2019).  See also comments below  this publication in Daily Sciences.


December 2018

Eric received the the Julien and Nora Fautrez-Firlefijn prize from the Royal Academy of Science


February 2018

Eric received the  Medisite Award from the Fondation de France

Fondation Medisite Press release

June 2017

Simon Desiderio received the annual Award of the Belgian Pain Society.